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New Doctoral Programs starting from spring 2018 !


Starting from spring 2018, TUFS offers 2 doctoral programs  in the Graduate School.

Doctoral Program in Global Studies and
Doctoral Program in Japan Studies
will start in 2018.


( The new Doctoral Progams are currently under review by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.)



1. Doctoral Program in Global Studies

This program consists of 4 sub-programs:

  • Language and Culture Studies Program
  • Area and International Studies Program
  • Peace and Conflict Studies Program
  • Asian and African Field Science Program

Language and Culture Studies Program: The program focuses on the study of various languages and cultures in the world. These are the areas the program covers:

  • Linguistic Studies
  • Linguistics and Information Science Studies
  • English and English Language Pedagogic Studies
  • Phonetics Studies
  • European and American Languages Studies
  • Asian and African Languages Studies
  • European and American Cultural Studies
  • Asian and African Cultural Studies
  • Cognitive Science Studies

Area and International  Studies Program: The program focuses on the area study of  various regions,  global society and international relations. These are the fields the program covers:

  • Contemporary World Studies
  • European and American Area Studies
  • Asia, African and Oceanic Area Studies
  • International Relations Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies Program (October Intake): This program, with many students coming from conflict-affected countries, aims to nurture professionals with expertise on topics related to peace and conflict, development, governance and other areas of international and global affairs. The language of instruction is English.

  • Applied Peacebuilding
  • Conflict and Social Change
  • Foundation for Peacebuilding

Asian and African Field Science Program: Researchers from the  Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa deliver this program.

  • Asian and African Field Linguistics
  • Asian and African Field Anthropology
  • Asian and African Field Area Studies
  • Asian and African Fieldwork

2. Doctoral Program in Japan Studies

In this program we aim at developing human resources who have an objective view of Japan and who are capable of seeing Japanese language, Japanese language teaching as well as Japanese culture, society, politics and economy within a wider global community.

  • Japanese Language Studies
  • Japanese Language Teaching Studies
  • Language Teaching Studies
  • Japanese Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Social and Historical Studies of Japan
  • Political and Economical Studies of Japan

3. Admission Information

Details will be announced soon in our website.

 (1)  Intake

Doctoral Program in Global Studies

– April Intake: 25
– October Intake: 5  (Applicants for Peace and Conflict Studies Program  etc.)

Doctoral Program in Japan Studies

-April Intake: 9
-October Intake: 1

(2) Schedule

April Intake

– Application period: Nov. 2017
– Written and oral exam: Jan. 2018

October Intake

– Application period: March-May 2018
– Oral exam: June 2018

(4)  Examination Subjects for April Intake

Doctoral Program in Global Studies Select 1 or 2, and answer one question.

  1. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Uzbek
  2. English linguistics, English Literature,  English Language Pedagogy
Doctoral Program in Japan Studies

Japanese Language Studies
Japanese Language Teaching Studies
Japanese Literature and Cultural Studies
Japanese Societal Studies

*The written examination is in principle conducted in Japanese, though special arrangement may be provided for applicants without sufficient Japanese competence.



Global Admissions Office,
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies